Engineering Consultant sought to finalise design for $174.7m Bundaberg East Levee project


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Procurement is underway as an engineering consultant is being sought to help finalise the $174.7m Bundaberg East Levee project design in Queensland.

  • Procurement underway for engineering consultant to help deliver $174.7 million project providing better protection for parts of Bundaberg East, Bundaberg South and the CBD
  • Bundaberg East Levee jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland Governments
  • Project commencement approvals in place, and independent experts and community to be consulted as levee design finalised
  • Construction to support more than 100 jobs

The Bundaberg East Levee project is a step closer to being delivered, with project commencement approvals in place and consultants being sought to finalise the levee’s design.

The Australian and Queensland Governments reached agreement in June this year to build a 1.7km concrete levee parallel to the southern bank of the Burnett River.

It will mitigate damage from a Burnett River flood within Bundaberg East, Bundaberg South, and the CBD – without increasing flooding in other areas of Bundaberg.

The $174.7 million project will not only help safeguard homes, businesses and the local economy from the devastation of major flooding but will also support more than 100 jobs and local business opportunities during its construction.

“It’s very pleasing that this major project is moving ahead with a clear objective to protect homes and businesses in areas of the city that are vulnerable to heavy rainfall and flooding,” says Federal Minister for Emergency Management Murray Watt.

“We know disruptions caused by natural hazards can have devastating economic effects and takes a toll on people lives and wellbeing, which is why we are making a real difference through this project.”

“I commend the Queensland Government’s progress on this levee, and while there is still a long way to go, we look forward to collaborating even further to increase Bundy’s flood resilience,” says Federal Minister for Emergency Management Murray Watt.

In the coming months, the project’s reference design – originally developed with community consultation in 2018 – will be further refined by an engineering consultant in conjunction with the Bundaberg community and project stakeholders.

“This project is vital in ensuring Bundaberg is as safe from flooding as possible,” says Minister for Public Works Mick de Brenni.

“It’s important that the people of Bundaberg have a voice in the project delivery process, which is why we invite community members to visit the project website and register for updates and invitations to 2024 community events,” says Minister for Public Works Mick de Brenni.

The reference design includes a concrete levee in two main sections, as well as floodgates, flood doors and pump stations across Saltwater Creek and an unnamed creek known locally as ‘Distillery Creek’.

“Where we can stop flooding, we should stop flooding and that is exactly why this project is so important to Bundaberg,”  ays Member for Bundaberg Tom Smith.

“I have already spoken with a range of locals wishing to share their community contributions, and this will form a key part of the consultation and procurement phase,” says Member for Bundaberg Tom Smith.

“The levee is a major project that will serve not only residents, but sporting clubs, school communities, charity organisations, and local business as well,” says Member for Bundaberg Tom Smith.

Bundaberg community members are invited to visit the project website and subscribe to the Bundaberg East Levee email list to receive project updates and invitations to community events in early to mid-2024.

“Construction of the Bundaberg East levee is one of the four projects listed under the Bundaberg Action Plan and it is gratifying to see progress being made,” says Bundaberg Regional Council Mayor Jack Dempsey.

The levee was the most beneficial of four options identified under the 10-year Bundaberg Action Plan as able to help reduce the risk of flood devastation such as the all-time record flooding caused by ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald in 2013 and the significant rainfall and flooding early last year.

Bundaberg Action Plan details

The Bundaberg Action Plan recognises and responds to changing needs and flood risk conditions following its launch in 2017. The plan is based on options from a Flood Mitigation Options Assessment Report developed by an independent consultant based on community feedback and technical studies. After further community consultation in 2018, four options were chosen by the community and experts to future flood-proof affected residents and businesses.

  • Bundaberg North Evacuation Route Improvements: upgrading connection between Bundaberg North and the CBD during flood events.
  • Bundaberg Flood Levee: mitigating damage from a Burnett River flood within Bundaberg East, Bundaberg South and the CBD without increasing flood issues in other areas
  • Upper Flood Plain Evacuation Improvements: reducing the isolation time of Goodnight Scrub, Morganville, Pine Creek, Givelda and Electra
  • Floodway House Purchase Scheme: voluntarily purchase or relocation of homes through a land-swap of selected residential blocks in Bundaberg North deemed to be in a floodway with high depths and velocities.

The plan’s projects remain subject to ongoing consideration.

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