Nick Leggett welcomed as the new Chief Executive for Infrastructure New Zealand

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Infrastructure New Zealand announces Nick Leggett as the new Chief Executive, joining the infrastructure sector’s membership body as of 24 April 2023.

Nick Leggett is Infrastructure New Zealand’s new Chief Executive. Nick joins the infrastructure sector’s influential membership body at a time of great importance for the industry.

Nick is a seasoned communicator and brings a strong skill set to the role. He brings a wealth of experience, including as Chief Executive of the Road Transport Forum and as Mayor of his home city, Porirua, between 2010 and 2016.

“I am delighted to join Infrastructure New Zealand at such a pivotal crossroads for our nation – and the infrastructure sector. There has been a growing realisation that New Zealand has not focussed enough on the standard, scale and specification of its infrastructure over many decades, and now is the time to change that.”

Nick has spent 20 years in elected positions within local government and is an experienced conduit between organisations, people and their communities.

“Great infrastructure is the basis of everything we value in our society; opportunities for people now and in the future, social and economic cohesion and environmental sustainability. Great infrastructure is the means to the very important end of New Zealanders living productive and stimulating lives and recognising their full potential, so our country is a world-class place to call home.”

Decades of underinvestment have left us with an infrastructure deficit of $210 billion. One of the biggest challenges we face as a country is paying for all the infrastructure we need.

“I’m excited to be continuing my advocacy for vital industries and asking critical questions about how we fund what we need to build, who will be available to build it and how we minimise the impact of emissions when doing so”, Leggett said.

Infrastructure New Zealand Chair, Margaret Devlin, said the recent weather events had brought into sharp focus the importance of resilient infrastructure.

“I look forward to working with Nick and the INZ team to ensure that New Zealand has the infrastructure it needs for today and the future.”

Nick Leggett takes up his position at Infrastructure New Zealand on 24 April and will be based in Wellington.

Source: ©2023 Infrastructure New Zealand

Image source: © Nick Leggett 2023

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