New Coordinator-General appointed to drive Queensland infrastructure

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With over 20 years of project management and consulting experience, newly appointed Coordinator-General Gerard Coggan will help drive Queensland infrastructure as of February 2024.

Acting Premier Steven Miles has announced Mr Gerard Coggan as Queensland’s new Coordinator-General.

Mr Coggan is a highly credentialed executive with over 20 years’ experience in project management and consulting. 

He has worked in both the private and public sectors, most recently engaged as a General Manager at APA Group, and in his last role in Government as Acting Deputy Director-General – Investment Facilitation and Partnerships in the former Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning.

The appointment follows an extensive recruitment process and marks an important milestone in the state government’s ongoing commitment to delivering the infrastructure the state needs as it embraces the future.

“For more than 80 years, the Coordinator-General has played a critical role in driving major infrastructure projects for the state of Queensland. Mr Coggan’s appointment will open another chapter in that story,” says says Acting Premier Steven Miles.

“This role leverages significant, wide ranging regulatory powers to plan, deliver and coordinate large-scale projects, while ensuring their environmental and social impacts are properly managed,” says says Acting Premier Steven Miles.

The Coordinator-General works to balance industry needs and public expectations, stimulating jobs and growth while sustaining the environment and bolstering local communities,” says Acting Premier Steven Miles.

“This is a critical time for our state as the world’s appetites for the things Queensland has traditionally provided change.  Mr Coggan’s experience across energy, resources and linear infrastructure sectors will be critical in assessing and managing the way forward for our State,” says Acting Premier Steven Miles.

“Additionally, as a member of the Queensland Public Service Leadership Board, this role is significant in managing our broader public service to achieve excellence in their work,” says Acting Premier Steven Miles.

“I want to thank Mr Mike Kaiser for his time as Coordinator-General in addition to his Director-General responsibilities,” says Acting Premier Steven Miles.

“This role is the intersection of all the things I’ve enjoyed delivering on over my working career,” says Coordinator-General, Gerard Coggan.

“Finding ways to achieve mutually beneficial project outcomes across a broad range of stakeholders is the key to helping Queensland tackle some of the challenges the world is bringing to us,” says Coordinator-General, Gerard Coggan.

“I have a passion for leading teams toward shared strategic objectives and this role is a chance to bring that work to Queensland’s biggest opportunities – I can’t wait to get started,” says Coordinator-General, Gerard Coggan.

As an independent officer of the State reporting directly to the Minister for State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning, the Coordinator-General is relied upon to drive and deliver economic opportunities for Queensland.

Mr Coggan will commence in the role in early 2024.

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