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It’s Time For Two More Level Crossings To Be Removed

Level crossing removals located at Union Road in Surrey Hills and Mont Albert Road in Mont Albert are powering ahead. A contract for the construction has now been awarded, enhanced designs with more open space unveiled and early works to start soon. 

The premium station will provide more trains, more often for commuters from Surrey Hills, Mont Albert and surrounds, and will be staffed from the first train in the morning until the last train in the evening.

The $631 million contract has been awarded to Laing O’Rourke, Jacobs, Metro Trains Melbourne in partnership with the Level Crossing Removal Project and will see the project fast-tracked – with the two dangerous and congested level crossings gone for good and the new premium station open in 2023, two years ahead of schedule.

Early works will start this month, including upgrading water infrastructure, moving underground services and setting up site offices, with crews on the ground in the coming days. Major construction will start next year.

The two level crossings are some of Melbourne’s worst and will be removed by lowering the rail line beneath the roads in an open trench and building a new premium station with better facilities and more services.

With two fatalities at Union Road in 2016 when a train and car collided – and a further eight near misses in recent years – the Surrey Hills and Mont Albert communities will be safer when the boom gates are gone for good.

Following extensive community feedback, the designs for the new premium station and precinct now include a wider pedestrian bridge that will form a plaza connecting Beresford Street and the Hamilton Street shopping village. This will create even more open space and a home for the existing Mont Albert station building, which will be retained for community use close to its current location.

In another win for the community, the project will also include a new entrance at Montrose Street, providing better local access to the station and new open space with landscaping, as well as improved ramps with increased accessibility and fewer stairs.

It has been announced that 10 more level crossings will go across Melbourne, including another three on the Lilydale Line at Dublin Road in Ringwood East, Coolstore Road in Croydon and the closure of Cave Hill Road in Lilydale. This will create a level crossing-free Lilydale line that will change how locals live, work and travel.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Transport infrastructure Jacinta Allan

“Awarding a contract takes us one step closer to making these death traps a thing of the past and we’re thrilled this project has been fast-tracked, creating hundreds of jobs and supporting local businesses along the way.”

“With no more level crossings on the Lilydale line, journeys will be faster, local roads safer and deadly boom gate delays a distant memory.”

Quote attributable to Member for Box Hill Paul Hamer

“Many Mont Albert residents have been calling for a plaza at the top end of Hamilton Street to provide a home for the existing, heritage-listed Mont Albert station building and new community open space – and I’m pleased the design to remove these crossings also delivers that.”


Monday 16 August 2021 – Media Release

Read the Media Release here.

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