Construction Estimator Job Description

Construction Estimator

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Construction Estimator Job Description

Construction Estimators draw up, estimate and determine the overall cost of a construction project. They have knowledge in construction, design, costs of labour, budgets, architecture, investments, and supply costs, allowing them to predict an accurate price. This is a rewarding career as Construction Estimators generally work on large-scale and high-profile projects.


  • Determine overall costs for labour, planning for blueprints, equipment, costs of materials, site drawings, and other elements that are involved in the construction project
  • Reduce high costs and improve efficiency to advise clients on unnecessary tasks and duties
  • Liaise with surveyors, construction workers and managers, contractors, architects, and local authorities to plan and determine whether a project is feasible
  • Ensure construction progress is within the estimated budget and track any upward trends in costs
  • Make adjustments to material use and find suppliers for clients to meet targets and requirements 
  • Set up report processes 
  • Recommend different ways clients can reduce costs
  • Interpret exchange rates, surcharges, and inflation for the construction project 
  • Negotiate deals and request quotes from suppliers for the client  


  • A bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, mathematics, architecture, or any other relevant qualifications 
  • A driver’s license to travel between work sites
  • Strong analytical skills to provide accurate estimates of projects
  • Latest knowledge of the largest building codes 
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Effective analytical and problem-solving skills 
  • Must hold a WHS White Card to certify that you have completed the working safely on construction sites course

Working Conditions

  • Work in an office or on-site environment
  • Workload can be excessive during busy/critical periods of construction projects
  • Safety equipment must be worn during the on-site construction phase

Average Salary 

  • Approximately $94,556 per year in Australia
  • Approximately $95,656 per year in New Zealand

Salary is based on © SEEK and © Indeed statistics and research. 

This Construction Estimator job description is a guideline only and will vary depending on the company, project and location within the Australian/New Zealand market.

Job Opportunities for Construction Estimators

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